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Granville Island

Underneath the Granville Street Bridge, with just False Creek separating it from downtown, lies Granville Island. At one time, it was filled with warehouses and industries; now, it is covered with artists’ studios, coffee shops and a massive public market.

You can easily spend the better part of a day wandering the narrow alleys finding everything from a famous microbrewery to a shop specializing in hammocks to yacht sales offices. Continue reading

Bird Watching at Boundary Bay

It was a warm, sunny day in February (yes, we get those on occasion!), so we decided to head down to Boundary Bay (in Tsawwassen) to go for a walk and do some bird watching. We had heard that snowy owls were abundant at Boundary Bay this winter (only happens once every 4 years or so), so we hoped to see some, along with any other birds that happened to be around.

I’ll save the suspense and tell you now that we did not see any snowy owls – a bit of basic internet research would have told us that we went to the wrong area. Such is life, and it’s the price you pay when you you’re too impatient to properly look something up, and just want to get out and figure it out for yourself.

Of course, not seeing the owls wasn’t the only thing that went wrong. Continue reading

Three of Vancouver’s Best Patios

In Vancouver, when the weather is nice, there are few places better to be. A patio with a cold beer (while still in Vancouver) is one of those places. Unfortunately, good patios are a rare treat in Vancouver. Most are either tiny (think two tables) or on major streets.

After some very difficult in-depth research, I’ve come up with 3 patios that you absolutely must spend some time on this summer. Continue reading

Granville Island Brewery Tour

Although the majority of Granville Island’s beer is now brewed at the massive Molson Brewery, the original site of is, in fact, still a working brewery. They brew specialty beers there and give tours. $10 maybe a bit steep take a look at the inner workers of a brewery, but they give you a round of beer afterwards, so it’s somewhat offset. Continue reading

The Cellar Jazz Club

Our recent trip to Cory Weeds’ Cellar Jazz Club was a revelation. Having never been to a jazz club before, I didn’t know what to expect. I was, however, blown away by the quality of musicians and the venue itself.

The Cellar attracts musicians from across North America, and plays host to the best jazz that Vancouver has to offer. Highly recommended for a night out to experience something different. Continue reading